Edible Testing

These tests can be purchased individually, they do NOT have to be purchased as package

State Required Package

  • Potency

  • Homogeneity

  • Foreign matter inspection

  • Microbial

Per AMCO regulations, we are required to perform potency testing for EACH SERVING per package.


Price for edible testing will be determined based on how many servings are per sample. **


TBD on individual Basis

**Click HERE for current AMCO regulations.

** "(iii) testing whether the THC content is homogenous, the marijuana testing facility shall report the THC content of each single serving in a multi-unit package; the reported content must be within 20 percent of the manufacturer's target; for example, in a 25 milligrams total THC package with UPDATED: 5/7/2020 – NOT AN OFFICIAL COPY 71 five servings, each serving must contain between four and six milligrams of THC;